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Royal Herbs

Royal Herbs offers organic, botanical based products developed with a holistic philosophy incorporating herbal medicine with herbal product making. Royal Herbs is committed to a ‘Ground to Jar’ philosophy and is led by a Certified Herbalist who has hands-on involvement at every stage of product making.
Royal Herbs
April 30, 2018

Client Vision

Royal Herbs wanted a clean and fresh visual aesthetic with high-end appeal. The client requested visual imagery which would reinforce the company’s commitment to a holistic philosophy, herbal, organic ingredients, and sustainable practices. While the site was designed primarily to emphasize the product offering and drive online sales, Royal Herbs also wished to create elevated client engagement and offer a forum for customer education. It was important to the client that the site’s design be optimized to display well on mobile devices. The client also expressed the need to be equipped to perform ongoing site maintenance independently, and therefore, site content, such as product, pricing, inventory levels, shipping rates, calendar items, etc. were to be designed in a manner that would enable easy maintenance with minimal web design expertise.

Our Work

The homepage was designed to predominately display the Royal Herbs product line, descriptively and visually, so as to best drive e-commerce. Modern and aesthetically minimalistic product images were selected to convey the clean, high-quality aesthetic the client desired. Complementing light colours of teal and violet were used in conjunction with white to further evoke a crisp, natural look. To improve client engagement across mediums, a newsletter functionality was incorporated, the client’s Instagram feed was embedded in the homepage footer, and a site blog was incorporated to further promote Royal Herbs products, methods and events. For ease of ongoing maintenance, the site was designed on the WordPress content management system, and training sessions were provided to the client to equip them with the tools to be independent as their business evolves.