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Beaches Marine Brokerage

Beaches Marine Brokerage has provided assistance to buyers and sellers of boats and yachts for over 40 years. A founding member of Boating Ontario, and a premier boat brokerage servicing Canada and the continental USA, Beaches Marine Brokerage brings expertise, professionalism, and dedicated service to customers looking to sell, buy, or trade-in a boat. In addition to their brokerage and sales services, Beaches Marine Brokerage also offers a wide array of other nautical products & services such as: boat maintenance, boat trailers, boat safety training, boating accessories, boat storage, and more.
Beaches Marine Brokerage
May 7, 2021

Client Vision

Beaches Marine Brokerage requested a new site design that could help attract listings from potential customers looking for assistance selling their boats. In addition to boat sales, Beaches Marine wanted to better communicate their complementary boat products & services, such as: boat importing & exporting, boat transporting, boat maintenance, boat accessories and more. The client preferred modern and clean visual aesthetics, with an emphasis on beautiful boating images. Additionally, the client wanted the landing page to immediately direct customers looking to buy or sell a boat to the applicable content on the site. Finally, the customer requested a new logo be designed, keeping in the spirit of their existing logo which resembled a nautical wheel.

Our Work

Codify Creative designed the landing page to be clean, yet visually striking, immediately encouraging visitors wishing to buy or sell a boat to explore the applicable Beaches Marine services. Tones of blue, aqua, and green were used, inspiring a feeling of water and the ocean. Working with a boat listing service used by the client, we consolidated all of Beaches Marine’s used boat listings into one place to simplify not only the customer’s experience, but also the client’s ease of referencing their listings. A new logo was designed for the client, maintaining the original nautical wheel, but with a yacht set against a sunset in the center. Finally, the site was optimized with mobile devices in mind, rendering beautifully on smaller screens.