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Jack Communications

Jack Communications is a content management and communications firm that helps its clients with content assessment, content strategy, copywriting and creative execution. Jack Communications partners with marketing teams, business leaders and agencies to plan, create and write customized content.
Jack Communications
June 30, 2023

Client Vision

The existing Jack Communications website was underperforming and the client wished to rebuild the site using modern tools on robust infrastructure. The client also wanted to take the opportunity to undergo a branding redesign, inclusive of site colours, fonts and logo. Furthermore, Jack Communications wished to expand on their existing content by both elaborating on their services offered, as well as incorporating a new Case Studies section to showcase the company’s successful projects which highlight their expertise and problem-solving capabilities.

Our Work

Codify Creative performed a comprehensive website transformation, focusing on site stability, rebranding, user experience, and content expansion. We worked with the client to implement a new colour palate and a fresh logo which reflected their updated brand image. Descriptions of Jack Communication’s services was expanded to include unique and engaging pages for each of the client’s core specialties. The website transformation aimed to modernize their digital presence and position Jack Communications as a dynamic industry leader. The changes showcased their commitment to meeting clients’ needs and delivering exceptional results.