A Toronto-based blog, drinksTO covers the local bar scene, offering reviews, cocktail recommendations, and news on upcoming events in the Toronto area.
November 25, 2017

Client Vision

drinksTO requested a modern and functional blog to attract their youthful target demographic. The client’s desire was that the website be prioritized as mobile-first, with an intuitive layout for small screen devices. They requested that the layout rely heavily on imagery, luring audiences with tantalizing pictures of beautiful cocktails & appetizers. Finally, the usage of advertising was to be scalable, such that ads could be incorporated into the layout over time as the site gained popularity.

Our Work

The homepage prominently displays a scrolling feed of the most recent blog posts which occupies most of the landing screen. Additional space is dedicated to imagery throughout the site via featured article images. To encourage a social media following, links to the drinksTO accounts are prominently displayed in the sidebar, as well as a live Instagram image feed along the site footer. The site displays cleanly on mobile, places a similar emphasis on imagery, and incorporates functional mobile site menus. A flexible advertising strategy was constructed for the client and embedded in the site’s design.